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Mold is a byproduct of the breakdown of organic matter, such as plants, wood, and even food and certain beverages. The problem posed to humans by mold is their spores, which can be released into the air and land on damp surfaces indoors, where they will continue to grow, if the conditions are right. Mold growth can quickly spread and result in damage to the structure of a home. More importantly, mold can compromise the respiratory health of susceptible individuals.

Our licensed Mold Assessors will perform a visual inspection to detect the presence of mold and, if necessary, recommend collecting air or tape samples to be analyzed by a certified laboratory.  We will produce a report, a Mold Remediation Plan, that you can then give to Mold Remediation Contractors you may want to hire to do the work. This will give them the information they need to give you a cost estimate for the work.  In New York, by law, mold assessment and mold remediation cannot be performed by the same company.

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