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What's in a Home Inspection?

An inspection usually begins with the home exterior 

the grounds, outside walls, siding, patios, decks, gutters, chimneys, flashing and the overall integrity of the roof.


We look inside the attic, check the insulation, look at structural integrity and for signs of moisture.


We examine the foundation, basement or crawl space and look for cracks or water damage that could signal serious maintenance costs down the road.


We check the electrical system, and look at the service drop, the main panel and sub-panels.  We test lights and outlets throughout the house.


We check air conditioning and heating systems - furnace, boiler, radiators, baseboard heaters. 


We look for leaks in the plumbing system inside and outside of the house. This includes the sinks, toilets, bathtubs and outdoor spigots.


The inspector also checks installed systems like sump pumps and garbage disposals.


This is just a bare minimum. We routinely look above and beyond the items on this list.


We then sit down with you and go over each item.  Our written report clearly explains each concern, and what might be done to fix it. 


For more: Here's the NY State Standards of Practice for Certified Home Inspectors.

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Be sure to get a home inspection before buying a new home!

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